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One picture is worth ten thousand words

Fred R Barnard was working late. He was on deadline for a print ad in the trade journal Printers’ Ink. Ideas never came too easily to Fred. His favorite adage was: ‘I had two ideas today; the second was to shit-can the first’. That kinda summed him up. He pulled hard on an Old Gold and thought for a minute. Gaspers always helped him get shit straight in his head. Fuck it. He cracked open the container of his Benzedrine inhaler. Inside was a thin paper strip, which he rolled into a ball and swallowed. Jesus. It tasted like shit. He took a slug of cold coffee and that didn’t taste much better. He’d never been much of a hop head. But baby, bennies were a whole different deal.

Fred stared at his note pad for a minute and then settled back into his chair. He was starting to feel good. Really fucking good. His mind wandered. The other night he’d been to Grauman’s Egyptian joint to see ‘It’. Damn. Clara Bow. ‘The It Girl’. What a great picture. He’d always had a soft spot for flappers, but she was something else. By all accounts Clara loved the hooch. And heavy necking. He even got a kick out of the more discreditable rumours, the accusations of incest and lesbianism. Man, he wanted to ball her so bad. The thought made his nuts ache.

And then, quite unexpectedly, a single line of copy snuck into his head. ‘One picture is worth ten thousand words’. Holy shit. In one abrupt movement he lent forward and grabbed his pad. It was a pretty good line. He wrote it down and carefully considered it again. Yep, it was pretty fucking good. He laughed.

The advertisement ran in Printers’ Ink on 10th March 1927.

The phrase is probably truer now than it was then.

Here’s a good example:

Here’s another:

And here’s one more:

The above image is by British photographer Ewen Spencer.

We have now signed him for commercial and music video representation. Check out his work here.

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